Were you bullied or abused as a child?

What abuse and bullying taught you

You learned that you have no control or power over your own life. That people who are stronger than you, or who are in authority over you, can and will strip you of your needs wants and desires. You learned that they will diminish you and your worth.

Take control of your life!

The messages from your childhood stay with you all of your life. Even when the bullying is long behind you, the pain of being excluded, of being humiliated, of being physically harmed stays with you all your life. And if you were abused by those who should have cared for you, the wounds are even deeper.

The voice inside your head

It’s your gremlin. It never shuts up. It tells you that you are not good enough. It tells you you’re stupid, or fat, or inadequate or that you will never amount to anything. It echoes the words of your bullies and abusers. It picks up where they left off. You have become your own worst bully!

Silence the voice forever!

Take control of your life! Wounded Child Coaching will help you turn from all the false beliefs you have about yourself. We will help you shift from victim thinking—that forces outside yourself control the path of your life—to victor thinking: that you, and you alone have total control over your future.

Be a victim no more!

Through coaching, your thinking will change. With a new outlook on life, your life will change. Gone will be the apathy, the inwardly-directed anger, the inability to move forward, and the feeling that you have no control. You will find your power and your inner light. You will heal your inner child. You will become an inspiration to others.

It begins with clicking a button

Start on a road to a life filled with possibilities and growth by scheduling your Complimentary Discovery Coaching Session. There is no cost or obligation. It is one half-hour of Life Coaching. It begins with a short questionnaire. Then you’re brought to an online calendar to schedule your session. You have nothing to lose but your gremlin. Sign up today!

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